Women Development

Empowerment of rural women is the Prime objective of Dilasa, which believes on the four pronged programme of emancipation of women viz. (1) From conventional smoky Chulla, (2) The labourious chore of fetch of water for day-today domestic activities, (3) From the routine chore of plucking fuel for Cooking and Fodder for cattle. (4) Unproductive and exerting manual work in Agril. field and incidental day-to-day activities. Dilasa can be said to be the first to devise and introduce its innovative programme, first of its kind in A’bad, smokeless chullas through it’s Rural Technology Park. DILASA Keenly participated in the Common water supply schemes by making the “women centered action plan” and implemented rigorously the watershed project for the conventional fuel for cooking and fodder for cattle stock.

Bahuddeshiya Mahila Kendra

Dilasa Mahila Bahuddheshiya Kendra proved to be a successful model not only in SHG sector but more particularly in the field of co-operatives. The women groups grew naturally on their own without any government support on the background of the usual subsidy culture. On the basis of the experience in DWCRA and SGSY, Dilasa moved forward with the idea of Mahila Bahuddheshiy Kendra which had created the network of 18365 women. Rural Women are most neglected and deprived class of the society. Most of the government schemes also are welfare oriented and not development oriented. Taking into the consideration above fact, Dilasa is trying to improve the status of rural women by adopting integrated development model.

NABARD SHG Bank Linkage Programme

Dilasa implemented SHG Bank linkage programme for Aurangabad, Kannad, Sillod, Soegaon and Gangapur block of Aurangabad also in Nasik, Sinnar and Dindori block of Nasik district before a period of three years. In this connection, NABARD assisted for promotion and linking 450 SHGs in villages from block of Aurangabad district and 50 SHGs from villages from block of Nasik district in total 500 SHGs over a period of three years.

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