Water Supply & Sanitation

Water Supply & Sanitation

With its concept of “Supply Driven” to “Demand Driven” approach, Dilasa played a vital role in Water Supply and Sanitation Sector. Dilasa has successfully facilitated Eight Water Supply Schemes under kfw supported ‘Aaple Pani Project’. Moreover, the organization worked as Capacity Building Consortium (CBC) for “JALSWARAJYA PROJECT” of the World Bank in Jalna, in Beed Districts, simultaneously. It is worthy to note that incidentally both these Districts stood first in their performance with the value-added efforts of DILASA. Well qualified, Trained, variedly Experienced and equipped Sociotechnical teams of DILASA implemented more than 266 water supply schemes. In line with CBC motto, Training to all stake-holders in different phases of the programme and constant motivational input to the partners like Support Organization (SO) and Technical Service Provider (TSP) for preparation of homogeneous village action plan were also imparted from time to time until the logical end. The organization is also credited for technical, social and financial process monitoring of Jalswarajya Project of The State as a whole, and has thus a forerunner in resolving the water scarcity menace to the extent possible. All this brought a nationwide accreditation to DILASA. State and Central level honours have been bestowed as a mark of recognition of it’s Tireless Team Efforts, as listed above.

Jalyukta Shivar - Buldana, Nandurbar, Jalgaon, Nashik & districts

Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan is a flagship program of Government of Maharashtra to provide long term and sustainable solutions to the water scarcity and unreliability problem faced by rural communities. The program develops a planning based integrated framework to address both drinking water and irrigation water demands of communities. The data collection of Rapid Impact Assessment of Jal Yukt Shivar Abhiyan, Agriculture Department, was undertaken by Dilasa MELD, Aurangabad. The programme was implemented by Agriculture Department. Dilasa is working for impact assessment in Buldana district, total 330 villages in first phase, Nandurbar district, total 72 villages are covered under concurrent monitoring, Nashik district, total 229 villages are covered under impact assessment and in Jalgaon district, total 60 villages covering under concurrent monitoring. The total period of 5 years for all 4 districts for impact assessment. The evaluation will be concurrent with the planning and implementation of the JYS program. The team working on project will be led by one faculty member /advisor and one project coordinator, and assisted by project engineers and field engineers . The project coordination Team will report to the collector periodically.

FINISH - Sanitation Project

Dilasa Janvikas Pratishthan & Rural Development Organization (Finish programme Office) implemented the Total sanitation campaign under Swacha Bharat Mission in Phulambri block of Aurangabad district. Dilasa will be directly responsible for securing finance for construction of sanitation systems and promotion of its usage. For sanitation to have impact on health, sanitation should be safe and be coupled with good hygienic practices around use of the sanitation assets. The health impact of sanitation furthermore depends on concentration of sanitation, or pockets of density. Taking this into consideration RDO FINISH programme will also focus on incentivizing Dilasa towards sanitation densities vide a mechanism called Output Based Aid (OBA).

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