Covid-19 Response by Dilasa

Covid-19 response by Dilasa

1. Covid awareness programme

Dilasa Janvikas Pratishthan has organized Covid awareness programs in different parts of marathwada & vidarbha region viz. 15 villages of Badnapur, Phulambri and Gangapur blocks of Aurangabad district, 5 villages of Ausa block in Latur district, 5 villages of Tuljapur block in Osmanabad district and 12 villages in chandrapur district covering almost all the villagers. Villagers have been aware about ‘Covid appropriate behaviors’ such as maintaining social distancing, wearing mask, regular hand washing etc. and following SoPs issued by government on time to time basis. During these programs, Covid-19 IEC materials has been distributed to villagers. on Covid precautionary measures.

2. Preparation & Distribution of Masks

Dilasa has prepared Masks in Prerna centres which is promoted under SBI gram seva program in latur & osmnabad districts. Looking to the covid 19 situation, Dilasa has sensitized entrepreneur women for making masks and these prepared masks has been distributed to more than 6500 corona warriors along with villagers. In some areas, dilasa has purchased the masks & provided to villagers. More than 25000 masks has been distributed in the project areas.

3. Safety kit Distribution

Safety kit has been distributed to more than 10000 persons which includes gram panchayat members, school children and villagers of Aurangabad, Jalna, osmanabad, Latur & chandrapur districts. The safety kit mainly consist of soap, sanitizers & disinfectants such as LIZOL. Objective behind this activity was to ensure personal hygiene and home disinfections.

4. Distribution of Dry Ration kits

Due to continuous lockdown situation in the area, most of the villagers was facing severe issue of their food, hence Dilasa decided to provide dry ration kit to more than 5000 needy families benefiting more than 22000 persons. The ration kit mainly consists of grain, oil, sugar, tea, pulses, salt and needy items.

5. Facilitation in registration of Vaccination

Dilasa has created awareness about vaccination against covid-19 and facilitate the villagers & primary health centres in registration for vaccination through community information centres which has been established in 10 villages of Latur & Osmanabad districts. More than 500 persons has been benefited and the process is ongoing.

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