Chamber for Farmers Producer Organizations

Dilasa Chamber for Farmers Producer Organizations

The Chamber is registered under Section-8 of Company Act 2013. After forming 125 Farmer Producer Organizations in Maharashtra, it was felt that, there is a need to establish the organization to help the FPCs for the documentation of ROC, financial consultancy, preparing the business plan, creating backward & forward linkages. Basically, farmer community is novice to the very concept of FPO and always misunderstood it as the second version of the cooperatives. The basic job of the chamber is to change the mind set of the farmers from grant to loan and emancipating the farmers from uncertainty of 2 M's i.e. Monsoon and Market.

The Chamber is having the professional staff like Company Secretary, Agri-Business Experts from MANAGE, IRMA and VAMNICOM. These experts will help the FPOs for its sustainability and help at any eventuality. The chamber will also help in the monitoring and evaluation of the FPOs other than its members. Actually, all the projects related to FPOs are project based for limited time. The chamber will work as per the techno-financial needs and capabilities as their friend, philosopher and guide.

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