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DIVI Socio-Techno Consultants

DSTC is unique consulting firm which has acted as Technical Consultant for Aquifer Pilot Project in Aurangabad and Jalna districts. Aquifer pilot project was funded through World Bank to showcase the appropriate groundwater recharge model in drought area of Maharashtra State. DSTC has provided the support for technical estimate preparations and complete execution of 29 villages and 218 structures in the pilot. In addition, DSTC is also working as Service Provider in MACP-FCSC to form the FPOs in the selected 9 districts. DSTC is credited for forming 123 FPOs and having the contract of Rs.2.75 crores. The retired team working with the young professionals is the beauty of DSTC

Financial Outlay
Sr.No. Financial Year Turnover (Rs.)
1. 2012-2013 8,74,600
2. 2013-2014 4,58,100
3. 2014-2015 18,52,039

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