“AURANGABAD NGO LEADERSHIP AWARDS 2017”, presented by World CSR Day recognize leaders who have contributed value & made change as a strategic tool for sustainable growth. Today Dilasa Janvikas Pratishthan is humbled by this prestigious award which not only makes us more responsible but also gives us the required momentum to work towards achieving our goals. This award was given to Dilasa for its outstanding work done in the implementation of CSR projects. Involvement in communities & protection of the environment, strategic perspective & building collaborate relationships, effective & sustainable mobilization of resources in support of the programme and project work including the support from local communities, demonstration of effective management of financial resources and human resources, good governance practices, transparency and accountability were the few criteria based on which the jury accessed the NGO’s performance. On behalf of Dilasa Janvikas Pratishthan, President Dr. Anagha Patil, Secretary Mr. Sanjeev Unhale and Vice President Ms. Vaishalee Khadilkar received the award from Mr. Bhagwan Ghadamode, the Mayor of Aurangabad.

Welcome to DILASA Janavikas Pratisthan

Mission Statement

To uplift the environmental, social and economic status of rural people by implementing sustainable natural resource management. To promote holistic, integrated approaches to women’s empowerment, conservation and regeneration of nature.

Vision Statement

Dilasa Janvikas Pratishthan shall be a professionally managed NGO committed to uplift the environmental, social and economic status of rural people. Dilasa interdisciplinary team shall be equipped with innovative, entrepreneurial and empowered professionals continuously trying to accomplish global benchmarks. Dilasa shall foster a culture of caring, mutual trust and continuous learning while implementing sustainable natural resource management.

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Various Programs

Watershed Development

Dilasa firmly believes that watershed is lifeline of Rural development.

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Women Development

Empowerment of rural women is the Prime objective of Dilasa.

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Water Supply & Sanitation

With its concept of “Supply Driven” to “Demand Driven” approach,

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Agri-Business Division

Dilasa is unique organization which had established strong links with the mauls.

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Monitoring and Evaluation Programme

Empowerment of rural women is the Prime objective of Dilasa.

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CSR Programmes for Various Organizations

With its concept of “Supply Driven” to “Demand Driven” approach,

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Livelihood enhancement of Tribal families through orchard development (WADI)

Dilasa is unique organization which had established strong links with the mauls.

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News and Articles

मराठवाडा पुन्हा दुष्काळाच्या फे-यात

यंदा पावसाने अवकृपाच केली. सप्टेंबरमध्ये परतीचा पाऊस झालाच नाही.

अस्मानी संकटातही मराठवाड्याची कुचेष्टा

यावर्षी इतर जिल्ह्यांच्या तुलनेत औरंगाबाद जिल्ह्याची स्थिती चिंताजनक आहे.

कोटेशनचा नाहक घाट, मुद्रा कर्जाची लावली वाट

सरकारी बँका या सरकारी योजनांच्या ओझ्याखाली इतक्या दबून गेल्या आहेत की, त्यांची अ

शेतक-यांची कड घेण्याच्या घाईत, व्यापा-यांवर मात्र मोगलाई

शेवटी शेतक-यांच्या खात्यात पैसे जमा करण्याशिवाय दुसरा उपाय नाही.

Our Partners


Visited to the watershed area, meeting to farmer and discussion with the farmer and Good achievement.

Bhaskar Munde - Mukhe karyakari adhikari JP Aurangabad

Visit to Kachighati, Pirwadi Villages and seeing to various different scheme and collect the information to rural villages female as well as all Dilasa project its really good.

Mrunal Gore - Co-ordinate At-Goregaon -Mumbai

Today meeting to R.S.S saying Dilasa NGO all to staff good work and no self ice, congratulation to all activist.

Prof.Narke T.G - Principle, Vivekanand science college Aurangabad.

I gain the rural farmer co-operative Organization before Registration assembly. The Dilasa President Prof. Patil Mom Given the information about Rural villages Female facing to bad conduction . They have very real great .

Matere D.R - Cooperative Officer, institution cooperative Taluka :- Aurangabad

Visit to konewadi, karanjgaon and discussion their people and farmer also they had said in minimum days various imprudent and farmer helping to good made a platform. Finally gives the best of luck for bright future.

ADV.Pratap Bangar - President of Marathwada scientist Development Mandal Aurangabad.

Exmp. Every work must be deflective in other part of country.

N.p. Swami - NABARD Caluntta

The Non an executive visit -an experience by using ……..

Dr.Jain V.k - Chief General-NABARD Bhopal

Kachighati villages have shown an example very Teamwork under the works had program work the also guidance of Dilasa may be their social cooperation, coordination, exahabitasion etc. Comtimate for all time to launch.

sukhbie sing G.M - NABARD ,R.O,Chandigarh

A Text book whatever -done classically in record time. Future generation of they villages may e forget Dilasa and not its work.

Shekhawat B.S - GM.NABARD Mumbai -022-6111544

Good Work done our much more on economic our social for be done. The our Confidence We provided Motivation of the villages Will achievement this..

Ganapathi Rao - GEN.Mabager NABARD ,RO Pune Shivainagar

We have give the Found for watershed right from 10am .It was given a experience .The work done in the habited is having example of the water strength of the villages coming a large the coming will achievement will be good work and hop future bright.

Shri V Raghavan - Executive Director NABARD Mumbai

I have came to Dilasa in this Dilasa staff very good doing the work. I want Why I late the visit Dilasa also Dilasa working is very good .finally all of you best of luck.

Dr. Prakash Bai - Great Manager NABARD Mumbai.

It was a having experience to see that Dilasa has done lot of work in the area of watershed development ,women movement etc.with the participation of the community .It is economy to find our that the people have understood the of development .All the best of future work.

Vilas Chandra Rastogi I.A.S. - CEO Z.P. Aurangabad

The work done on the memorization aspect by Dilasa is commendable .The feel that more roles need to be shifted to women that there is more achievement .All those have contributed their right in this land leaves deserve a great appreciation. with this organization all the best

Roopes… - Forest Minister

This Organization More the new gentation helpful and getting the job of graduate people .

Prakash Akolkar - Ass.Editor Maharashtra time Mumbai

Rural development is the made on of the part .This organization given the rural women development work and participate more than women in this Dilasa .In Dilasa staff aim is good that’s why congratulation all of you.

vijay Chaudhari - Programme officer UNICEF - Maharashtra, Mumbai

visited to the office of Dilasa discussed about the achievement Dilasa .I wish to Dilasa a Very grand Successor all activity of melons them to Jalgaon miss .The one again Wish the Dilasa the best.

Dr. Deepak Mhaisekar - Addi.CEO -Jalgaon

This project has brought about remarkable improvements to villages commonly and envirmental.

Wickranage - Water resources sector -Sheri Lanka

Excellent work done for social well by of people improvement.

R.K.Agrowal - WADCO(I)Ltd,Kailash 26 Kg marg New Delhi.

The work done is a best wish to success of future.

A.P.Bhave - Director General WALMI,Aurangabad

Exhalent work .Need to be emulated dishwater also.

Ravindra Singh - chief E.(CWC)New Delhi

A revolution experience .How Much can be achieved by co-operative people effective moment learn quite a lot .

R.krishnan Murety - CHM NABARD

You have create a little paradise you can ex found of I am compared wait you have achieved .

Isable vam de samel - Rome-UALY

Our deeply inters to see the remark given achievement of Dilasa same think Particular in WSD in wish have all someone would like to refit of achievement.

Rangarav Dulta - D.G.APART New Delhi-11

Extremely effective program and community achieved I am having impressed.

Tapas k.Datta - UNICEF Indian country office -73 estate New Delhi -110003

School cleaning Function How to successful This saw the villages completing through Dilasa Dilasa NGO Good achievement so thank all of you best of luck in bright future.

Rajkumar - Assi. Project Officer Education Utishef Mumbai

Today visit to watershed programs rural villeges now starting the work and continuous work also How to Incriges the water stability .This types of other human useful program done and Incriges the confidence of people .so state movement fully helpful to doing like that programs will be helping the state government I hop to finally congratulation to Dilasa NGO.

Jaydatta shrisagar - Minister of State

Thanks and best wishes to Dilasa and its whole team especially sanjeev sir and vaishali mom. During the field visits ,met Manu wonderful people and after my return certainly cherish those moments watching the development activity and their wonderful positive impact during short span of 3-4 year ,really an eye opener .wish to return some very and spend some more time.

Vijay shanker - New Concept ,New Delhi ,(unicef Documentation project)

We wish to celebrate the Dilasa on many occurs and develop further are much common in with and deals because sanjeev and Angha such wonderful and such a match and also further twice learn generally want to leas more from them.

Dr.Mohan Despande - amol scheme society

The along with nine ADAS .The watershed project in by DILASA .It is barely project which under economic conduction by concerned of Kacchighati villages such light also be water erosion deep water soil undertaken salt .also along with my member with Dilasa its wonderful and finally wish to Dilasa.

Sukhdev shing - Training officer CEO-Agri Officer FARIDKOT-151203 Punjab

I was very happy to see the multifarious activates being carried Development .I hope to from hand s with the women's contribution in addressing women's problems.

T.F.Thekkekara - Maharashtra state com.fer women fruka Nirman Bhawan Bandara ,Mumbai

Being the water shed Development pregame for the last 30 march appreciated the also by DILASA NGO .This field the watershed community is equally dissolved as the a real good work alone which by other a watershed community

Sabhebrao P.C - Ministry of Agriculture Gov.of India New Delhi

I visit to villages where excellent work rain water harvesting and cost of boundary were are undertaker by community participate respectively .women was remarkable Dilasa of also of opportunity with contribution program in wish their all of success .

Ratanrao Gaikwad - I.A.S Secretary of water supply Maharashtra state Mumbai,

A truly wonderful experiment rural development has been insisted by Dilasa in a cluster of villages . The rural development of local communities in various facts of rural development and development of self help group have all benefited from this approach . I Wish this Partnership or an Dilasa NGo and local community all success and trust that it will be reflected also have in dileversion.

V. Ramani - Divisional Commissioner Aurangabad

Generation activates which impact is the watershed .The contribution a scientific and social approach like this is required is all watershed program Dilasa and the people of village deserve to be consecrated for this on they have set such a fine example with making at every place village in the country

Joshi M.M - Additional Commissioner Rain fed forming system Devise min ,of agriculture Harish bhavan N.Delhi

visit to karohla village watershed and people contribution work also definitely watershed development work will be good .Finally congratulation to Dilasa.

Rajesj Tope - State Minister Maharashtra .

we are very happy to see you effort on watershed management we learned a lot from you.

Belay devra - southern Region state of Ethiopia

Dilasa NGO working is Memorable also rural villages people gives the good response…

Bharat kumar Raut - Editor Maharashtra time

It is the wonderful work demon rated by DILASA is the field of soil conservation best suited for their terms .The people Participated has given a sound foundation for this appreciable work . Thanks a lot of organization and people involved this mission

Arvind Kumar Derivedi - special Secretary ( Agriculture ) Uttar Pradesh

Matriculation work of watershed I have ultimate .It is low cart social as well as religions good work.

G.N.Sharma - Addl Director ,W.D.P.D.C- Deprt.Ragavthan ,Jaipur

The site work was really really very impressive ,Hope to see these kindly of job will taken up in future .We will try to do the same in BHUTAN .Best of luck.

Ms.Tshesing Zam - Royal Monetary Authority of BHUTAN

The visit was very informative especially the watershed plus actives were impressive.

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